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Name:Kain Highwind
Birthdate:Jun 26
At 22, Kain is somewhat young to be the commander of the Royal Baron Dragoon Corps, but his skill and determination got him the post fairly. Indeed, that the Dragoons exist today is largely due to his dedication to following the footsteps of his father, Richard Highwind, the previous commander. Richard died fighting an evil empire when Kain was quite young. When Kain's mother died not long thereafter, he was adopted by the king of Baron. He and Cecil Harvey, another orphan the king had adopted, became fast friends, although they began to drift apart when each began his military training - Cecil with the Dark Knights, at the king's urging, and Kain with the Dragoons.

Although the two remained friends, they drew further apart when Rosa Farrell, a white mage for whom they both had feelings, began to obviously prefer Cecil.

Kain is a shade over six feet tall, and will nearly always be wearing his armor, which is designed to look dragonlike. When his helmet is off, his messy blond hair can be seen. He also usually has a spear, although it doesn't always manifest.

He can jump. He can jump really high and aim his landing in midair. He can jump high enough that it takes several seconds for him to land, regardless of the position of, for instance, ceilings. He does not leave holes in ceilings, and the surface from which he jumps has no effect on how well he jumps.

Kain is very susceptible to mind-control of any variety; indeed, though he tries to hide it, he's pretty suggestible even by ordinary means. For anything even remotely dramatic, please contact his mun to work things out.

Kain is munned by [info]kd7sov.

Kain Highwind is from Final Fantasy IV, and is the property of Square-Enix. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit is being made.
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